Our "Short" Story

VL value proposition and our Point of Difference is that we provide all items thoroughly cleaned, serviced and tested to the best of our abilities. We do most of our work in house and occasionally use professional services and restoration specialists as required so be mindful of this, you are paying for peace of mind that these vintage products are cosmetically restored and fully functional. Our products are reflective of this to ensure that you take home a highly restored fully functional condition product and experience. Read through our product descriptions carefully so you understand their ratings, cosmetic and functional condition. Click here or on the picture above, of our beloved dog Parker, to watch a short video version of our story

Our "Long" Story

Life has a funny way of showing which you path to take...or not to take

Melbourne 2006 - 2010:
As far as I can remember the VL story starts in my mid 20s where I moved out of home for the first time after a long European holiday. The previous house owner was an older lady in her eighties who left several items that she didn't want. They included a dining table, Singer pedal sewing machine and tea set. At the time I had very little knowledge of interior design, decorating and styling (yes all three are different!) so I purchased items that suited my tight budget and style. I kept the 3 items I inherited from the previous owner. After a couple of weeks the home was completed with an eclectic mix from the 80s, 90s and 2000s eras, such as Tarantino posters, Nike Dunks, Rock and Vocal house music, cow hide rug, bright orange curtain drapes, a vintage gas wall heater, wooden wall unit, and leather couch amongst others. After living there for 3 years I put all my items in storage (thanks Mum) and moved to Sydney for a change in weather and scenery.

Sydney 2010 - 2017:
For five years I lived in a small studio apartment in the sunny side of the northern beaches called Manly. Starting again with a blank canvas (and limited space) I gained an appreciation for quality being important than quantity and started accumulating furnishings to suit a beach/sunny theme. Whilst living there I decided to adopt a dog, and was extremely blessed to inherit a prize award winning stud French bulldog named Parker who I adore. Towards the latter end of my Sydney years I briefly moved into a beautiful heritage listed house in Erskineville where I really gained an appreciation for vintage used and eclectic items (making it personal to that individual). I was exposed to MCM Danish inspired furniture which was (continues to be en vogue) specifically Australian made 60s and 70s furniture. I also gained practical and hands on knowledge with these items and frequented op shops, vintage and antique stores.

Melbourne 2017 - Current:
Parker and I decided to move back Port Melbourne which had strong roots to my European heritage, sunny side of inner Melbourne beaches. Being in my mid 30s and having a more disposal income, I was able to start with a blank canvas once again. Before I went on a spending splurge I decided to visit the storage factory (aka mums house) and went through the items I left there 10 years ago. I stumbled across the old dining table I kept from 10 years ago. Not knowing the style or value of the table I decided to show my mother who has a deep knowledge in wood types (my parents worked in timber paling fences for over 30+ years). She gave me advice on how to restore it (sanding, oil, etc) and as we were inspecting the table she advised me that it was solid teak wood. She asked me what brand it was so I decided to look under the table to inspect the make. To my amazement I yelled out...Parker! At the same time my dog (who was next underneath the table with me) looked at me puzzled, where mum and I burst out in laughter. To this day we reminisce about this story and the coincidental nature that I inherited/adopted both the table and the dog 10 years apart with the same name being Parker. 

Vintage Luxury:

My passion continued by purchasing Parker furniture items to match & complement the table with all of my personal collection from the Parker 1960s Nordic range. For the next 3 years I accumulated a lot of knowledge in Australian made MCM furniture predominantly Parker, Chiswell, Fler, Rudowski, Zoureff, Featherston, Danish Deluxe etc

In 2019 we decided to open an online presence (via several marketplace platforms) and in 2021 a retail store & showroom  to pass these gems onto the public which prodominatly Australian MCM Furniture all with a vintage (and antique) theme from as early as 1940s to 1975. We keep it in the family with my mother who worked as a seamstress and late father for his building, wood and fencing background. 

Click here or video on our home page (last picture down the bottom) to watch a longer video version of Our Story

We hope that you enjoyed this story and look forward to passing these vintage gems that hopefully have the personal & sentimental story that Parker and I have shared with you above.

Much Love,
George Parker