Do you offer Restoration services? What about Upholstery? What's the difference?

You can bring in your own precious items and we can restore them and specialise in MCM (mid century modern) furniture. We provide Light (Silver), full (gold) and the works (platinum) restoration services as explained below (timber, upholstery and functional). We provide guidance as to the type of restoration required...we do not want to upsell, we are honest and assess the outcome/customer needs first whether its budget or quality focus. If you are interested in Restoration services fill in the form down the bottom of this page


We offer consignment services of highly desirable items that attract the right customers to our door.

Our consignment covers the following:

1) advertising on all our platforms ebay, gumtree, fb marketplace, fp page, website, Insta, 1st Dibs and TT (including photos, videos, detailed descriptions and ratings). Includes re-posting several times throughout the year 

2) contacting some of our interstate dealers for referrals of your items

3) basic cleaning and sprucing up your item for the photo shoot

4) filtering all customer queries on your product

5) storing your item for up to 1 year for free

6) Displaying the item on our front window

7) When we run a Meta campaign promoting our brand we will include it in our reel

If you are interested in consignment services fill in the form down the bottom of this page


We also offer hiring of our items for staging a house for auction, photography, film, or interior/general styling etc

If you are interested in hiring an item fill in the form down the bottom of this page