At VL we offer a number of services as below:

Want To Sell An Item?
We are always on the lookout for old vintage and antique items (originals only please no replicas or fakes). We buy from all across Australia and make it easy to transact with you as we use friendly regular couriers. We also have some friendly vintage dealers in other states so we are happy to refer or pass their details on if you prefer to transact locally. We are always on a lookout in Australian made MCM furniture such as Parker, Fler, Chiswell, Featherston, Danish Deluxe, Zoureff, Rosando, Rudowski, Van Treight, for Audio & Visual ideally items made from Japan, Germany, USA, England, and Luxury Goods prodominately from Italy and France.

If you are interested in selling an item use the Contact Us menu item/page for a quick response

Looking at hiring an item?

We also offer hiring of our items for staging a house for auction, photography, film, or interior/general styling etc

If you are interested in hiring an item use the Contact Us menu item/page for a quick response

Do you offer restoration services? What about Upholstery?

We offer restoration services of your precious items across all our product ranges. We specialise also in upholstery services for your furniture from simple cushions and foams to slighly more complex lounge suits.

If you are interested in restoring your items use the Contact Us menu item/page for a quick response

Need help authenticating an item?

We often get questions about authenticating pieces mainly in the MCM Furniture and Luxury goods categories. Whilst we are not experts we do offer free advice, but highly suggest you do your own research before and after speaking with us. There are plenty of Facebook groups, onlines forums and chats that are good sources of information.