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1980s Caliper Apogee full range 2 way ribbon speakers audiophile (2 options for pricing)


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1980s Caliper Apogee full range 2 way ribbon speakers audiophile
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Up for sale are a pair of rare late 1980s Caliper Apogee 'small' full range 2 way ribbon speakers. Perfect for the audiophile enthusiast for high-fidelity sound reproduction requiring the right accoustics and room in order to maximise the benefits. These have been tested on Linn LK1 and LK2 pre-amp and power amplifier and the sound quality is immense. Refer to cosmetic and functional condition discussion. The price of these in 1987 were 2300US well over 5k in todays value, this price is reflective of rarity and quality in vintage items rare to find these days. We were also told that these are gems with very few available GLOBALLY, so us keeping these will not do any justice, they belong to the correct audiophille enthusiast who is willing to spend a little on these rare speakers and potentially overhaul and rebuild them to last another 40 years when they were originally built. We do post overseas, contact us if you are interested for pricing.
Option 1: ($Contact us for pricing) = Full rebuild & overhaul included, good as brand new last another 40 years
Option 2: ($4000 this advertisement) = May require overhaul and rebuild over time
Some high level specs of this include:
Bass driver: Aluminium/Kapton panel,  Midrange/Tweeter: Aluminium/Kapton (3 segment), Max Sound Level: 103dB, Sensitivity @ 3m: 84dB,  Frequency response: 40Hz (-3dB) 20kHz, Crossover frequency (acoustic): kHz, Suggested amp power: 100W (into 8 ohms) 200W (into 4 ohms), Impedance nominal: 3 ohms
Overall Condition:
Cosmetic Condition:
Excellent solid with the Anthracite color (black, very dark brown). There were a few spots but they have been covered and restored as best as possible (refer to pictures of some of these spots), they are as close as you can get without being classified as mint. Mesh has no holes marks, etc, plastic has no mould or color discoloration 
Functional Condition:
Option 1: ($Contact for pricing) = Full rebuild & overhaul
Option 2: ($4000 this advertisement) = Although the sound and appearance is of high quality, after speaking to an Apogee specialist he mentioned any speaker of this age and condition will most likely need a rebuild and/or overhaul anyway. VL does not want to invest futher in this, as such the functional condition of these speakers are 7/10. Meaning both speakers sonically are fine with no issues at different volumes and ranges, however there is a slight tear in the RHS Bass ribbon (once again sound is clear), however over time this MAY cause an issue long term however an overhaul/rebuild by an Apogee specialist is recommended. If you are not convinced about the functional and sound quality please message us and we will share a video showcasing its sound and condition.
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Audio & Visual
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5/5 GEM
Scale from 1 to 5: 
1 = MANY for sale or available on the market not very rare
5 = VERY RARE/GEM a handful on the market
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32kgs each
64kgs (pair)
+ boxing, wrapping etc (80kgs)

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