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Antique Wooden Cased Thornton Pickard Special Ruby Camera restored


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Antique Wooden Cased Thornton Pickard Special Ruby Camera restored

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A lovely and rare wooden cased Thornton Pickard Special Ruby Camera from the early 19th century. This has been restored as best as possible by our regular camera Japanese specialist Yoshi and has not been camera tested, but why would you, its a display piece and for colletable for the camera enthusiast. Following description is not by all means 100% accurate of the camera but rather a description from the URL source:

The Ruby is a wooden folding field camera made by Thornton-Pickard from about 1890 to 1907. Intended for use on a tripod, the folding bed includes a turntable and design was changed to make the camera also usable as a hand camera. McKeown states that the camera has a 'Ruby' Rapid-Rectilinear lens and is mounted on a Thornton-Pickard roller-blind shutter on the front standard. The Royal Ruby is a very similar camera, introduced as a high-specification version of the Ruby McKeown states that all Royal Ruby cameras are triple extension (allowing close focus, or long-focus lenses). Examples exist with roller-blind shutters on the lens board, and with a built-in focal-plane shutter. Royal Ruby cameras have been seen in quarter- half- and full-plate, and 4x5-inch and (perhaps) 5x7½-inch (or 13x18cm) sizes. Notes at Early Photography state that 5x7½-inch and 8x10-inch cameras were introduced in 1907, when the quarter-plate and 4x5-inch sizes were discontinued. The Special Ruby, strangely, was introduced as a lower-specification version of the Ruby, also shortly before the standard model was discontinued. Wood and Brass shows an example from 1909-12, with a spring back (for easy insertion of dark slides in front of the focusing screen) and with triple extension; the notes state that these features were among those left off the Special at first, and that they were reintroduced in about 1908, so the camera is very similar to a standard Ruby. McKeown lists the special Ruby as double extension.

Overall Condition


Cosmetic Condition
Good to Very good condition as per pictures there are a few scratches and marks (expected given its from the 1900s) but the camera still looks beautiful as either a display piece or for use as an antique item

Functional Condition
Functionally the lens are clean as is the viewfinder, with no fungus or separation, however has not been film tested so cannot guarantee that the film functionally works. The previous owner was a cinema and film enthusiast so we are very sure it is in working condition. There is no green or white powder or rust or corrosion on any of the parts

Product Line
Audio & Visual

Product Category
Film Cameras

Product Manufacturer / Brand
Thornton Pickard

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Special Ruby

Country of Manufacturer

Vintage Year
1890 to 1907

Product Rarity
4/5 Rare

Scale from 1 to 5 (numbers can occur in between)
1 = MANY available on the market very common, many listings and competition
3 = COMMON in between Many and Gems, they're common in the market
5 = GEMS we see these maybe once every couple of years these are almost not available

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Approx in cm:
10 x 15 x 15 (unextended)
10 x 15 x 35 (extended)


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