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Authentic Featherston MKII sound chair with working audio original

Product Description Title:
Authentic Featherston mach II sound chair original..we have two in of these this one is unrestored and completely original we are not restoring this one but our 2nd one you can choose your own fabric and have it restored
The Expo '67 talking chair was designed for the Australian Pavilion at Expo '67 held in Montreal, Canada. A separate headpiece component attached to the inside of the chair contained earphones through which taped programs on various aspects of Australian life were played. A slightly modified design which integrated the headphones into the head bolster was released onto the Australian market as the Expo mark II sound chair in 1967.
Overall Condition:
Cosmetic Condition:
Frame/wood/timber: no cracks to poly structure that we can see or feel. The timber underneath is fine with some s watches to the base
Cushions & Upholstery: 
As this is an original what you see is what you get, we aren't restoring this lovely original we have another one if you would like new fabric and upholstery. Obviously over time the fabric has stretched and has had wear. On the beach of the head and seat, couple of small mothbhokes down the bottom on the back 
Functional Condition:
Structural: Excellent, functionally no wobbles. No cracks sturdy and strong. Foam on seat has disintegration over time 
Audio: Original function playing sound behind two small speakers near the headrests facing inwards, there is an original dial for volume control and input jack (as per original specification and design). 
MCM furniture 
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mach II talking chair
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Product Rarity:
4/5 rare

Scale from 1 to 5 (numbers can occur in between)
1 = MANY available on the market very common, many listings and competition
3 = COMMON in between Many and Gems, they're common in the market
5 = GEMS we see these maybe once every couple of years these are almost not available
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Dimensions: (Approx)
740l x 840w x 450sh / 1170bh

Weight: (Approx)



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