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Authentic Kalmar 3 nest of tables restored light brown gold honeycomb MCM furniture

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Authentic Kalmar 3 nest of tables restored light brown gold honeycomb MCM furniture
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A restored golden vintage 1960s Melbourne furniture maker Kalmar nest of tables (large, medium small sizes that all tuck in neatly underneath each other).
A nest of 3 side tables by Melbourne firm, Kalmar Furniture. Kalmar copied this design from English company, G-Plan Furniture and did extremely well with it (as the photos show). This set has an exceptionally fluid style with the curves and circular shapes rarely seen in timber furniture. Kalmar Furniture produced these in the 1960’s and not too many were sold because of the expense involved in producing them. This authentic vintage suite has very strong investment appeal because of the original KALMAR stamp and should only increase in value over time.
Overall Condition:
Cosmetic Condition:
Has been restored lathered in our home brew danish oil. Given its age there are very minor scratches (notably on the front of the side of the medium table refer to picutres) however the golden color wood grain gives it character and blends in nicely with it being aged furniture. There is no mould, discoloration or major marks (refer to pictures)
Functional Condition:
No wobbles in wood, structurally very sound and solid, no gaps etc
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MCM Furniture
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Nest of Tables
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4/5 Rare
Scale from 1 to 5: 
1 = MANY for sale or available on the market not very rare
5 = VERY RARE you should buy it there are not many on the market
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Length: 66cm, 
Width: 51cm,  
Height: 47cm
Length: 42cm
Width: 42cm
Height: 45cm
7kgs approx

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