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Authentic Parker stool for Nordic dresser table 1960s mustard yellow or black Italian leather


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Authentic Parker stool for Nordic dresser table 1960s mustard yellow or black Italian leather

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An original Parker 1960s stool that can be used as a foot stool but originally used as the dresser table seat, its teak and in excellent condition. This rare and beautiful piece is part of the Parker range from the 1960s. This has been restored and lathered in danish oil for that Scandinavian look and feel, with a nice mustard yellow seat cover in a plain weave directional pattern OR we also have another one in Italian Black Leather for the nice sleek look.

Genuine Parker furniture is getting rarer by the day get yourself a piece of Australian history.

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Cosmetic Condition:


Frame/wood has gone through a light restoration using our home brewed (thanks Geoff) Danish oil. The timber has not gone through a full sanded restoration but why would you, the authentic and natural imperfections makes it look even more authentic. There are minor marks and scratches blended in with the timber hardly noticeable and is normal for furniture of this age. Seat: 9/10: Brand new Italian leather black, alternatively the original mustard yellow is also available for the same stool, so chose a classic leather look or original velvet/velour in mustard yellow

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Has been restored, both sides have been reglued and clamped for added stability. Not recommended to be used as a seat for someone over 75kgs, these were originally used by females in dresser mirrors.

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MCM Furniture 

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Foot stool 

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Nordic range 

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3/5 Common

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Dimensions: (Approx)

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44 long
52 wide
47 high

Weight: (Approx)

5kgs approx

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