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Authentic Rudowski couch 3.2m long curved 1960s original grey fabric

Product Description Title:
Authentic Rudowski couch 3.2m long curved 1960s original grey fabric 
Product Description Full:

Designed by Jakob Rudowski in Melbourne Australia circa 1965, A beautiful very large 3-6 seater low sitting MCM couch in a lovely original grey fabric. This couch sits low, has lovely curved ends (with a beautiful full curved shape) and easily sits up to 6 people. Made by Melbourne furniture artisan Jakob Rudowski. Rudowski, like Dario Zoureff and Rosando Furniture, is one of the mid-century modern makers of Melbourne as a "Tier 1" Australian maker his furniture rarely comes to market and is highly collectable. Many of his Melbourne clients were mid-century modernist architects and designers.

This is one of our Holy Grail products...a bespoke and rare item. This has been lightly restored with the legs sanded and oil, the fabric professionally vacuum and steam cleaned. It has a very strong firm original springs and foam (high density on the seat, medium on the back). There is some usual wear on the seating areas, besides that the couch was hardly used from previous owner (left in the spare room) and is in very good to excellent condition.

Please note there is an option to reupholster to new fabric/colour of your choice however this will be an additional cost, but why would you natural grey speckle fabric and colour looks amazing.

Overall Condition:

Cosmetic Condition:
The previous owners were fastidious and kept this in excellent condition, obviously from 1960s there are signs of wear, however we have restored as best as possible:
Legs: 9/10 - sanded and wax oil lovely dark browns show throughout
Fabric: 7/10 - small wear marks on the seat. Has been vacuumed and steam cleaned so looks and feels amazing.
Functional Condition:
Excellent, functionally no wobbles or warping in the wood. No cracks sturdy and strong, these are super comfy if you like a firm sit. 
Product Line:
MCM Furniture
Product Category:
Lounge Suite or Armchairs
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Bespoke - N/A
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5/5 Gem

Scale from 1 to 5 (numbers can occur in between)
1 = MANY available on the market very common, many listings and competition
3 = COMMON in between Many and Gems, they're common in the market
5 = GEMS we see these maybe once every couple of years these are almost not available

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In cm (approx):

Width entire couch = 3.2m
Height to top= 70
Height to top of cushion seat = 40
Depth of entire couch (longest points as it’s curved) = 80
Depth of cushion/sitting = 60


100 kgs approx (at least!)


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