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Chiswell Sideboard Authentic teak MCM extra long sideboard 5 door Koben

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Chiswell Sideboard Authentic teak MCM extra long sideboard 5 door Koben
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This big and beautiful Chiswell (Australia) Deep Profile Sideboard really makes a statement while providing great storage, this range was produced by Chiswell starting in 1969 and the hidden lip profile handles and cabinet trim marked the move from earlier and arguably more refined mid-century designs to bolder designs in the 1970’s. This large sideboard has 4 cupboards and a bank of drawers. Genuine Chiswell furniture is getting rarer by the day get yourself a piece of Australian history. Sideboard would be an excellent addition to any Collector's living area.

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Cosmetic Condition:
Golden with hints of brown in honeycomb teak stain followed by several coats of oil wax. This has been fully restored (any marks and/or chips being filled with the closest colour to the stain or wax colour), then sanded several times of different grits, in between several layers of oil based wax for longer durable wear. Unfortunately the frame/legs was constructed with chipboard over veneer (as opposed to solid timber with other Australian MCM sideboards). As such this has worn and has been filled a combination of glue and putty to the closest colour). You can see some colour discoloration however only noticeable on very close inspection hence its rating, the rest of the sideboard (doors, top and sides is nicely restored).
Functional Condition:
Excellent, functionally no wobbles or warping in the wood, drawers open and close freely, this is a sturdy as she can get. As cosmetic condition the legs had some issues due to initial construction, however all legs have been reinforced with additional inside timber, glue and brackets on the inside (the legs are very strong). However the back two legs are on a slight incline (online noticeable on close inspection and cannot be seen from the front view), however the amount of brackets, glue and timber has reinforced the legs/frame as good as new.
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MCM Furniture
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208cm long, 45cm deep and 75cm high
50kgs approx

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