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Restoration of Astor Radiogram Model R51G


Gold service (Full restoration) includes for this item includes:

Scope of works:

One single Astor, '3-in-1' Record Player, Television & Radio Receiver, Model R51G, circa 1966

Cosmetic & Timber restoration: Vintage Luxury will: Stripping, sand and oil all suspected areas (for example legs, the front fascia. Any cosmetic facing areas that need to be worked on. On radiograms this is usually both sides, and the top (but will be assessed whether they need stripping and sanding when we receive it). Inside usually does not need work however will be assessed. All colours that are black will be stained back in a black gloss or satin finish, as with all other timber areas will be finished in a gloss or satin (or to match any panels as close as possible -> for example the top and sides look glossy therefore all other timber panels will be also finished in a gloss. The colours will be black and close to gold or teak golden brown (refer to original picture included). We are unable to finish this colour to exactly same as the original from 1960s as colour and timber changes over time. The aluminium legs will be resprayed back to gold colour as per original. The dials and plastics will be cleaned to remove dirt, grime and rust, however will not be resprayed. Any non-working hinges or other rusted parts such as screws etc will be changed as well. New speaker wire will be replaced with fabric to closest colour and pattern possible of black and gold (we will mail you a sample to confirm which one you want along with photos towards the end of the restoration)

Functional restoration: Audio technician will -> Amp, Turntable and Radio will be completely restored, replace all out of tolerance parts including capacitors, resistors, valves (if applicable), new power wiring, assessment of power supply, electrical/power fuse and all other internal parts that must be changed to current electrical standards (this includes a 1 year warranty on all parts and electrical certificate by the audio technician). Speakers will be assessed but not fixed unless required to do so (additional cost however low risk these need fixing). Effectively you will be able to listen to AM short wave radio and all types of vinyl as its original intent. There is an option to add in built (or wired external) Bluetooth such that you can wireless listen to music (additional cost here as an option). Note the TV will not be restored is out of scope.

 Time to complete & deliver:

- best case 6 weeks

- worst case 12 weeks

- most likely 8 weeks

Estimated September - October 


Refer to pricing amount in product (excluding optional listed below) 


Bluetooth (internal or external) - $300 (edit now included as part of scope, also look to see if only tv screen can remain and remove tv internals)

Pickup and Delivery is included in price of $200 (from East Malvern)

Terms & Conditions:

Refer to refund policy

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