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Baumann Fils & Cie Paravent Paris Mid-Century Modern Room Divider Screen made in Paris

An original timber sliding panels that is used as a room divider or art piece or dresser. A 1930s - 1950s huge Paravent, room divider or screen made of individual slats by Baumann Fils & Cie, Melun-Paris. A flexible Paravent made out of strips of wood allows the screen to be placed in different angles
The panels and folding mechanisms all work exceptionally well..the timber has no bends or warps
As above the timber can be lightly or fully restored and the finish will look much better, the current pics and videos condition is a 7/10, lightly restored will come up a 8/10. There is an option to fully restore (full strip, sand, osmo) at additional cost which will bring the visual up closer to a 10/10 however we believe there is no need. Given the age and rarity we prefer not to touch it and neither should you!
Dimensions: (refer to pics we have ensured them up on drawing)
- max height: 177cm
- max width: 3.5m fully stretched out 
- max depth: 2cm, or 40cm rolled up

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