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Pre order - currently under restoration Original Modernfold timber sliding panels room divider mid century

An original Modernfold timber sliding panels that is used as a room divider. These two accordion timber panels are fixed to a wall on either side then slide against a simple top and bottom railing then can be extended out and locked into place providing anopen space and room. Alternatively for privacy you can slide each side to meet in the middle to lock and provide a full screen divider. As each panel is flexible the space or monnamd max width is also flexible in your room or walls. What's not flexible is the height although you could put timber railing if your wall/space is too high..we can help with measuring, planning and installation)latter additional cost). Not the pictures are unrestored timber version meaning it will come up much nice after we do a light sand and oil. Refer to videos, pics and video description
The sliders, handle and folding mechanisms all work exceptionally well..the timber has no bends or warps
As above the timber and steel aluminium parts will be lightly restored and the finish will look much better, the current pics and videos condition is a 7/10, once lightly restored it will come up a 8/10. There is an option to fully restore (full strip, sand, osmo) at additional cost which will bring the visual up closer to a 10/10 however we believe there is no need 
Dimensions: (refer to pics we have ensured them up on drawing)
Fully extended are width to width are: 3m (150 each panel extended). This means your max width is 3m
Height including railing allowance is 186cm + 4cm the sliders (190cm). So 186cm of timber will be showing
Depth (unextended (stacked) 20cm, depth extended out (3cm). This means when it's fully closed the depth of one panel. Refer to several pictures which have been marked up with dimensions. This does not mean you need a 3m wall width, it means maximum of 3m, you can actually use this on a 2m wall or 1m wall, it means that it won't be fully stretched out

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