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Restoration of dining table & 1970s bar unit


Restoration services for this item include:

Scope of works:

one Danish dining table

- dining table be stripped and fully sanded, 2 coats of osmo satin finish to bring the original natural colours and grain out from the timber. No stains will be used. The finish will be satin not matte or gloss

- glue joints and frame where needed, fill in smaller pieces of missing veneer with wax or gap filler 

One bar unit:

- reglue strip along the fascia, colour match where possible and differences in colour

- fill in any gaps where possible

- clean bar unit may include machine buff

Time to complete & deliver:

- best case 2 weeks

- worst case 6 weeks

- most likely 4 weeks

Estimated mid - end of oct


Refer to pricing

Additional items (in scope with no charge):

2) free pickup and delivery to shipping address upon completion

Out of scope:

Bar unit will not be stripped or taken back to timber, it's is small cosmetic fixes where needed estimate 3 hours of work

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