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Electronics Australia Playmaster Stereo Amplifier Solid State


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Electronics Australia Playmaster Stereo Amplifier Solid State

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Electronics Australia they would periodically release designs and sell them in kit form under the name Playmaster. Ranging in valve and solid state equipment (this one is solid state), a lot of their earlier work was with Guitar Amps and PA amps, however they did do HiFi as well as this amplifier. Quite beautifully built, brush aluminum faceplate, Solid machined aluminum knobs, and a nice simple design that's not cluttered. It's exactly what a nice simple amplifier should be simple. Factory built by Applied Technology Pty Ltd from 1970s, this works as expected with all dials, knobs and features working as required. 
Features 4 transistors, 6 outputs (phono, tuner, aux 1, aux 2, tape out, tape control), 6 dials, selector, stereo, mono, volume control, treble, speakers, balance), this has been tested with a CD player, tape cassette, tuner and phono/turntable all outputs working fine. What hasn't been tested is the phones jack, however unlikely that this is not working. There are 4 speaker outputs main and another 4 speaker outputs for remote and these work as expected. I am not sure what the power output or impedance is as there was no instruction manual I would expect this to be around the same as the forty forty model or twin 25 model (refer to URL which has the brochure)

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Cosmetic Condition:
With the exception of the ding on the top left corner, this is in pretty good condition with the writing still in tact, no corrosion, green or white powder evident,

Functional Condition:
All output channels and speaker inputs works as expected, however this not had a complete overhaul or chage of capacitors, transistors etc but works a treat, we have tested it on a CD input, AUX, Vinyl and cassette deck player all with no issues.

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Audio & Visual

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Electronics Australia

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Playmaster Stereo Amplifier

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4/5 Rare

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1 = MANY for sale or available on the market not very rare
5 = VERY RARE you should buy it there are not many on the market

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440 x 130 x 220mm

approx 8kgs

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