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Kartell Binasco Italy Nest of 3 retro nest of tables black


Product Description Full:
These retro nesting coffee tables date from the 1970’s. They show signs of wear as pictured but remain in good vintage condition. Lovely restored jet black Kartell nest of tables from the 1970s, retro and vintage ideal for indoor or outdoor use. These are well sought after nest of tables that stack ontop of each other. The designer is Kartell Binasco Italy however they were licensed back in the day to be made in Australia so the quality and make is sound. The design is by Giotto Stoppino and are in good to very condition (refer to condition)

Introduce iconic mid century furniture design into your home with these Kartell nesting tables. Designed by Giotto Stoppino, this set of vintage nested tables combines the work of two of the biggest names in Italian furniture. The unmistakable shape means the tables look as good stacked as they do individually

Overall Condition:

Cosmetic Condition:
Its very hard to find mint condition most of these tables were used, scratched and marked. These three have been restored as best as possible there are some bubbe marks and scratches however not that noticeable. Some parts of the tables are 10/10 whilst some are 7/10. They have been sanded, primed and painted with Dulux paint with a spray gun. Its had two goes so without a full restore (up to 1k ) this is the best based on the previous condition of them. We offer a full restoration if you are interested please contact us for further pricing if this is the case

Functional Condition:
Excellent no wobbles, they stack on top of each other fine, one leg is slightly bent outwards but functionally not an issue

Product Line:
MCM Furniture

Product Category:
Nest of Tables

Product Manufacturer / Brand:

Product Model Number:
Giotto Stoppino

Country of Manufacturer:

Vintage Year:

Product Rarity:
4/5 Rare

Scale from 1 to 5:
1 = MANY for sale or available on the market not very rare
5 = VERY RARE you should buy it there are not many on the market

Product Specification URL:

2 of the tables = 43 diameter, 36 high
small table = 43 diameter, 33 cm high
(2 of the tables are the same the other is smaller all stack as per picture)

approx 500gms

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