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Kodak Brownie folding camera film six-20 made in Great Britain vintage


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Kodak Brownie folding camera model 2 film six-20 made in Great Britain vintage 1930s

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An antique 80 year old camera, this can be used as a beautiful display piece or purchase the film type use it as a camera. The viewfinder folding cameras are for making 2¼×3¼ inch exposures on No. 620 rollfilm and were made by Kodak Ltd in the Great Britain. The first model 2 is named on the faceplate Folding Brownie Six-20 and was made from 1937-1940. It has a fixed-focus Meniscus lens in a Kodette II shutter

Overall Condition:

Cosmetic Condition:
Cosmetically has seen better days, although there is no rust, there is some black paint around the edges that has been peeled off and parts of the material on one of the edges has peeled off. The viewfinder has one mirror has also a crack on it

Functional Condition:
The blades shut and close on trigger but has not been film tested, and we have no serviced this for use.

Product Line:
Audio & Visual

Product Category:
Film Cameras

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Brownie folding camera model 2 six-20

Country of Manufacturer:
Great Britain

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3/5 Common

Scale from 1 to 5:
1 = MANY for sale or available on the market not very rare
5 = VERY RARE you should buy it there are not many on the market

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Folded Size: 160mm x 90mm x 33mm

1kg approx

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