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Kreisler Broadcast MWave radio Garrard vinyl stereo vintage MCM valve


Product Description Title:
Hi-Fi Multi Sonic Stereo 11-103 Kriesler Radiogram Broadcast MWave radio Garrard 50 MKII turntable vinyl stereo vintage MCM sideboard valve

Product Description Full:
This is a very rare and in very good condition 1960s Krielser valve radiogram Medium Wave and Garrard Vinyl player that can also serve as a sideboard. It has been cleaned cosmetically and functionally restored (will come with a 3 month warranty that is currently being serviced by our regular audio technician). The sound is clean and very loud (no humming) and includes the following features:

- Kriesler Hi-Fi Multi Sonic Stereo High Fidelity 11-103;
- Garrard 50 MKII turntable
- BSR model UA14 record changer, bass-, treble & balance control, push-buttons for Hi-Fi & Filter, top placed jack ports for ext. speaker/record out/mic./playback in, mounted cabinet with lid.
- Speaker system consists of two 12" woofers (Magnavox 12P1), two 6" by 4" mid-range (Magnavox 64SIC) and two electrostatic tweeters (Magnavox E3.5).
- Cabinet finishes in Walnut

These were $299 at todays inflation rate these would be 3.4k brand new, this price is reflective of its rarity and condition.

Overall Condition:

Cosmetic Condition:
8/10: Very good condition no major rips, tears, scratches, holes or dints,(refer to photos) consistent with age. Recently restored cleaned with danish oil, showing original walnut shine and wood grain coming through. Beautiful piece, price reflective of rare, age and condition. The top of the veneer has some slight burn marks (refer to pictures) and some marks here and there on the legs

Functional Condition:
The Gerrard vinyl has been fully restored and works on all speeds, manual and auto, with a new stylus and souds amazing, the radio also picks up medium wave frequencies at ease also sounds a treat through all speakers. Note the amplifier has no isues and does has not been overhaulled by recap or changing resistors not that we believe it needs and provide a full 3 month warranty if the amp does not work as above there is no humming, all dials and buttons are function, smooth dials and buttons etc

Product Line:
Audio & Visual

Product Category:
Vinyl players

Product Manufacturer / Brand:
Kriesler, Garrard

Product Model Number:

Country of Manufacturer:

Vintage Year:

Product Rarity:
4/5 Rare

Scale from 1 to 5:
1 = MANY for sale or available on the market not very rare
5 = VERY RARE you should buy it there are not many on the market

Product Specification URL:

44 x 29.375 x 17.375 inch / 1118 x 746 x 441 mm


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