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Manfrotto tripod MT294A3 290 Italy with head tilt pan 804RC2 camera


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Manfrotto tripod MT294A3 290 Italy with head tilt pan 804RC2 camera

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Description: 3-way photo head constructed of ultra-durable and lightweight technical polymer, the 804RC2 easily withstands the daily rigors of the professional photographer. A unique spring feature has been added to the 804RC2 to assist in the tilt motion of the head to compensate for heavier, off-center loads. Ergonomic and newly designed handles fit comfortably in the hands, while the standard quick release plate fits snugly in the low-profile receiver. Comes with matching MT2943A Tripod stand these retail for $400 brand new

Overall Condition

Cosmetic Condition
Excellent condition, not brand new, used but almost new, few scratches and marks here and there, refer to photos

Functional Condition
Excellent, extensions and latches work well, no bends or kinks in extension poles

Product Line
Audio & Visual

Product Category
Camera accessories (lens, flash, tripods etc)

Product Manufacturer / Brand

Product Model Number
tripod MT294A3
head tilt pan 804RC2

Country of Manufacturer

Vintage Year

Product Rarity
3/5 Common
Scale from 1 to 5:
1 = MANY for sale or available on the market not very rare
5 = VERY RARE you should buy it there are not many on the market

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Tripod 190cm fully extended

3kgs both head and tripod (approx)

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