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Pre - order MCM space chair b&b Italia style fully restored

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MCM space chair b&b Italia style fully restored choose your own fabric!
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A lovely unique MCM armchair that resembles a B&B italia UFO space chair, with the manufacturer/maker unknown however as we restored it we are very comfortable to say its an original make from MCM 1940-1975 era. Comfortable and unique looking this chair sits on a metal frame base that spins/spindles around at ease. Upholstered in house this lovely Warwick boucle ivory (cream white) has thick piling/boucle that suits the chair as the original fabric was the same colour. If you want to make a statement with a unique chair this is it, highly unlikely anyone has this space aged chair.
This price is as-is unrestored (enquire within for restored version with new fabric)
Overall Condition:
Cosmetic Condition:
Metal base/legs is a 9/10 there are very minor scratches but the stainless steel is shiny and clean (refer to pics and videos)
Chair/frame: 9/10: brand new Warwick boucle Ivory cream/off white fabric has been fitted to the lovely curved chair. This took many days to upholster but we are so happy with the comfort, look and feel of the upholstery
Functional Condition:
Excellent, functionally no wobbles or warping in the metal stainless steel frame, does not rock, no structural damage evident, sturdy as she can get.
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MCM Furniture
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Lounge Suite or Armchairs
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Unknown - suspected Australia
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5/5 Common

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