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Minolta 35mm SLR x-700 film camera with 2 zoom macro lens 70-210mm 35-70mm

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Minolta 35mm SLR x-700 film camera with 2 zoom macro lens 70-210mm 35-70mm
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A nice vintage and easy to operate SLR 35mm and includes two macro lens 70-210mm and 35-70mm. 
Full specification and features can be in URL link, however high level features include:TypeSLR camera
Camera Format: 35mm
Min Exposure: 1/1000 sec
Max Exposure: 4 sec
Exposure Modes: aperture-priority, bulb, manual, program
Shutter Control: electronic
Timer Functions: self-timer
Self-Timer Delay: 10 sec
Lens System Presence: optional (body only)
Exposure Metering: center-weighted
Exposure Compensation: ±2 EV range, in 1/2 EV steps
X-sync Speed: 1/60 sec
Film Speed Range: ISO 25 - 1600
Film Advance: manual
Flash Terminal: PC terminal, hot shoe
Lens Mounting: Minolta MD
Overall Condition:
Cosmetic Condition:
Clean & nice looking camera, minimal scratches on it body, there maybe some light dust specs in the viewfinder however this will have no effect on photos or viewing
Functional Condition:
- No haze, fungus, shoots well and tested (without film), no green, white powder or rust or corrosion, recently cleaned and serviced, excellent condition given its age
- Lever pulls fine all buttons and switches move freely, recently cleaned and serviced. 
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Audio & Visual
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Film Cameras
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3/5 Common
Scale from 1 to 5 (numbers can occur in between)
1 = MANY available on the market very common, many listings and competition
3 = COMMON in between Many and Gems, there common in the market
5 = GEMS we see these maybe once every couple of years these are almost not available
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520gms Body only
5kgs (including lens, box etc)
520gms Body only
5kgs (including lens, box etc)

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