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Original Genuine restored Featherston contour suite pair armchairs R160 matching R161 settee (pair of armchairs + settee)

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Original Genuine restored Featherston contour suite pair armchairs R160 matching R161 settee (pair of armchairs + settee) 
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A highly collectable original authentic Featherston contour suite which includes the pair of armchairs and matching settee in original olive green fabric from the factory most likely from 1950s possibly early 1960s. We were lucky enough to purchase this complete set from a private collector prior from a furniture dealer in Melbourne. The original olive dark green fabric has withstood its test of time in fabulous condition as the mould and legs/timber have been thoroughly inspected and tested. Although Featherston contour chairs are fairly "common" a complete original set with original fabric is very rare indeed, and we have spent no expense on restoring the legs/timber to original glory in its lovely silky oak finish. We chose not to re-upholster the suite in another new fabric as an original suite in excellent condition original fabric is hard to come by. This suite has been hired in several exhibitions (ngv window shop as part of the MCM exhibition as well as Ian Howards Aristoc retrospective at exhibition centre)  galleries and private shoots. With all of that said this suite is more of an art piece/collection rather than every day use, we do not recommend this suite to be used as it would lose its authenticity and rareness given its condition of original fabric. If you are interested in a restored version of this set we are able to source accordingly. Further inspections of this suite can be made via appointment (video call or in our store).

This rare and beautiful piece is part of the Featherston range from the 1950/60s. Genuine Featherston furniture is getting rarer by the day get yourself a piece of Australian history. An excellent addition to any Collector's living area.
Overall Condition:
(Very Good to Excellent)
Cosmetic Condition:
8.5/10: Very Good to Excellent
Legs/timber: 9/10: Went through a full restoration, no scratches, dints, holes the lovely silky oak shines throughout in a lovely satin finish

Fabric/Upholster: 8/10: As per description to keep the authenticity and value of this piece VL decided not to reupholster and keep in original condition. As such there are faint marks and general fading throughout however very good to excellent condition given its age. No piling of the suede/velour which is amazing given its age
Functional Condition:
9/10: Excellent
The legs/timber on all the pieces went through a very thorough restoration functionally and cosmetically and has support blocks on all sides for additional strength and protection. However as stated in the description we do not recommend every day use of these chairs (especially the settee for larger taller people) but rather be used as a decorative or feature pieces
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MCM Furniture
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Lounge Suite or Armchairs
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4/5 Rare

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Dimensions: (Approx)
690 x 630 x H 930 x SH 340 mm

690 x 1100 x H 930 x SH 340 mm
Weight: (Approx)
15kgs each


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