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Pair of acoustic research speakers AR5 vintage loudspeakers


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Pair of acoustic research speakers AR5 vintage loudspeakers

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Vintage 1969 AR5 Accoustic Research stereo speakers made in USA, these are heavy, loud mid range 100w per channel, vintage stereo speakers perfect for your TV, Stereo system or display. These are in excellent condition given their age, they have been tested and work fine.

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Cosmetic Condition:

I have restored the original wood and filled in a couple of small chips, has a coat of danish oil for the nice deep dark wood grain to come through. Very good condition given their age.

Functional Condition:

Loud, clear and clean sound, no issues, both speakers working fine

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Audio & Visual

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Acoustic Research

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5/5 VERY RARE (gem)

Scale from 1 to 5:
1 = MANY for sale or available on the market not very rare
5 = VERY RARE you should buy it there are not many on the market

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Dimensions 343 x 610 x 292 mm deep (each)


Weight: 17,8 kg (39lb) each

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