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Pair of lowline armchairs MCM fully restored Zepel fabric mingle mangle boucle


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Pair of lowline armchairs MCM fully restored Zepel fabric mingle mangle boucle

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A beautiful pair of low sitting MCM armchairs in a lovely yellow boucle fabric. These armchairs sit low, has lovely curved paddle arms and the rear open wood slats on the back. The make or marker is unknown but is a lovely Australian style most likely from the MCM era/years.

These are both fully restored chairs in beautiful pine with colors/mix of mild red/brown throughout, featuring lovely rear open wood slats on the back, new webbing and foam (high density on the seat, medium on the back), 3 coats of sanding, Merbau stain, and clear satin finish oil wax sealant for durability and extra protection. Which brings us onto the amazing fabric at Zepel from the Mingle Mange range the "Chutney" is a lovely boucle in 100% polyester (in fibreguard for added stain, water, mess durability) and has lovely colors of mainly yellow, and tinges of grey, white, and light brown. The new density foam and fabric was crafted by internally by VL with a flawless job top stiching (no highlights meaning the color of stitching blends in with the fabric color), wraparound cushion (meaning no stitching on front just the perimeter/on the sides and back where the zips are) and dacron to fill the cushions better providing a nicer finish then the original flat boxed look (which is also ok depending on preference). The dackron gives a better finish and fits more snug to compliment the square based cut foams.

Please note there is an option to reupholster to new fabric/color of your choice however this will be an additional cost, but why would you Chuntney color looks amazing.

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Wood/Frame: Fully restored frame, which includes reglueing any loose joints, several layers of sanding of different grits, stain and sealed/finished in oil wax. There are some marks (refer to pictures) but consistent with age
Cushions: 10/10: brand new high density foam on seat, med density on back, with new mingle mangle leather by Zepel Fabric

Functional Condition:
Excellent, functionally no wobbles or warping in the wood. No cracks sturdy and strong, all joints have been glued, one seat has a wood/plank base the other chair has firm jute/webbing

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MCM Furniture

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Lounge Suite or Armchairs

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MCM era

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?/5 Unknown

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H: 90cm (top of armchair), 40cm (to top of cushion)
W: 52cm (cushion), 64cm (arm to arm)
D: 60cm (cushion), 83cm (of entire armchair)

10kgs approx each


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