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Pre order Parker standup wardrobe MCM Nordic 1960s


Scope of works:

- 2 X Parker 60s wardrobes

- gold service restoration including all joints and structural work to be reglued where required, sand and finish in osmo satin or home brewed Danish oil (note this is the closest to the original lighter/natural colours of the timber).

- where there is missing veneer (usually small chips we will putty or patch fix to the closest colour of the timber). Note the front facing is in excellent condition it's the top corners on the sides and bottom that usually requires fixing

- everything else is out of scope

Time to complete & deliver:

- best case 2 weeks

- worst case 8 weeks

- most likely 4 weeks

Estimated mid to end of June (based on payment date/email sent to you)

We operate in a FIFO: 

We only commence work based on those timeframes only once deposit or full payment has been made - if there is a delay in deposit then we have the right to move this date especially if we get other customer orders in between as you can understand.


Refer to pricing, each item not for pair

Additional items (in scope with no charge):

1) felt on legs underneath (if asked by customer)

2) dropoff on ground floor of residence or front area (these will be stacked on pallets you will require someone to help you unpack, lift and move into residence, couriers only deliver to front door

Height 172 top to bottom of the leg and 150 cavity/door height

Width 122

Depth 58

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