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Original Wrightbilt sofa couch


Restoration services for this item include:

Scope of works:
Full Restoration (gold Service)

1. Includes 1 x three seater couch by Wrightbilt 

2. Upholstery on all 3 cushions, back slings and front padding as per original

3. original springs left on the back and bum - new blue med density foam on bum and white soft on back this will be a med to firm comfort/sit on bum, soft on back, this is "standard" with mcm

4. New foam blue firm of 8cm for seat, new white foam soft to med 7cm for contoured foam and back including Dacron for rounder finish and look. This is online with the original design and look (include or exclude buttons like original to be decided by customer)

5. Light timber restoration: glue any loose joints and finish in shellac for all major and minor scratches (as per pictures)

6. Includes $500 of fabric you will need to choose from Warwick range is recommended. Need 5m of fabric, fabric price range from $30-80p/m

7. Free delivery as timber is not doing full restoration 

8. Start in one months time (Mid March), compete a month later

9. wrap the timber to ensure no damage is down on pickup

Out of scope:
- general: Although we restore furniture to the best of our abilities some mid century furniture have weight and height design flaws based on original design from the 60s, we cannot guarantee chairs may fail if above 100 kgs. We do offer services to tailor your items to have additional strength and/or functional changes such as brackets or beams to support these scenarios - let us know if this is the case.

- pillows (50 each)

Time to complete & deliver:
- best case 2 weeks
- worst case 6 weeks
- most likely 4 weeks

Estimated mid April (selection of fabric should be made within 2 weeks or 2 weeks when we have completed any timber restorations (if applicable)

Refer to pricing
50% deposit required to commence, remaining 50% on delivery completion

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