Vintage Luxury

Restoration of nest of Parker tables


Restoration services for this item include:

Scope of works:
Full Restoration (Gold Service)
1. One set of nest of tables (three) original Parker

2. Full removal all existing lacquer, stain or oil that is present on each area of timber (excluding areas that are not visible e.g underneath the table top or areas underneath that are not visible at eye level). This includes table top (sides and trim around the edges) and legs (both sides, front and back as these are visible)

4. Finish - 2 coats of osmo satin clear..natural timbers of teak will show. This may include different timbers or course between legs, trimming and veneer but roughly a golden brown colour throughout 

Out of scope:

5. Structural work e.g frame, top or legs are loose, not working or damaged. Full inspection will be carried out when picking up the table to ensure that structural joints, etc is in tact. 

6. Any other areas that is not visible at eye level (5ft or so)

Time to complete & deliver:
- best case 2 weeks
- worst case 6 weeks
- most likely 4 weeks
Estimated Sept

Refer to pricing
100% payment on completion and doevry to customer premise in Mentone

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