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Restoration of Zoureff armchair


Restoration services for this item include:

Scope of works:

- one single armchair by Zoureff

- removal of existing fabric and upholstery of cushion and frame (in fuschia by zepel mingle mangle)

- new foam blue firm of 8cm, including dacron and above fabric

- removal of existing springs and install new firm webbing cross pattern 

- existing mould frame no padding required (but may require cover to prevent further degradation 

- light to full (medium) timber restoration to remove existing lacqur coat then osmo oil to bring back natural timber colours, existing scratches will show (upon request) but naturally blended into timber colour as much as possible

Time to complete & deliver:

- best case 2 weeks

- worst case 6 weeks

- most likely 4 weeks

Estimated mid - end of July


Refer to pricing

Additional items (in scope with no charge):

1) glue suspected joint areas

2) sand instead of steel wool to remove existing lacquer for a better finish, osmo oil natural satin finish vs gloss

3) felt on legs underneath

4) free delivery to Yarraville upon completion

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