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Restoration pair of Parker t back dining chairs


Light restoration (Silver service) for this item include:

Scope of works:

- pair of t back Parker dining chairs

- disassemble disjointed leg joints (where there are major and minor gaps), clean up, remove old glue and stuck timer, sand any areas where old glue is present

- PVA strong wood glue, clamp and strength test after complete

- everything else is out of scope eg timber restoration, piping edging on seats, webbing on seat etc 

Time to complete & deliver:

- best case 1 day

- worst case 5 days

- most likely 2 days

Estimated end of July


Refer to price at product page 

Additional items (in scope with no charge):


Our experience and advice for fabric selection:

1) Always wait till after the timber restoration has been done never before. The "before" colour of the timber and/or finish is not the same as colour "after" it's been restored. What you thought would look good on the original may change after you see the colour of the timber once restored. We always select fabric after timber has been restored and advise our customers to do the same

2) we are not experts in selecting colour, tone, pattern, texture, feel etc...there are professionals that do this, we advise getting samples first and putting it against the restored timber colour/finish to get an idea of what you're after...timber finish that's satin vs gloss or number of colours or tones will affect your decision on fabric

3) look at your home, space and lighting of where you will put the item and select either complementary or completely different colours...this is a personal choice. Follow trends...or choose not to. There is no right or wrong answer it's what you want (get advice but make your own decision)

4) make sure you read and understand the fabric specifications to ensure it matches your needs eg sun, rub count, texture, environmentally friendly, how to care, wash etc we can advise here and provide recommendations 

5) don't be scared to experiment (ideally at the samples stage) as simple cushions to reupholster are affordable, if you don't like it get another fabric it's not the end of the world

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