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Rudowski mcm walnut veneer sideboard 4 door cabinet rare vintage retro


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Rudowski mcm walnut veneer sideboard 4 door cabinet rare vintage retro

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An exquisite piece of art, rare and famous Australian artist, furniture and cabinet maker Jacob Rudowski who was an Australian postwar and contemporary artist who was born in 1927, his first artwork included the Coffee Table (refer to link), and passed away in 1996. The 1.7m long sideboard is an example of his fine work with 4 doors (2 open on each side), walnut color and style (satin to gloss finish melamine veneer) with dark wood grain throughout. Made in the 60s these gems are very rare unlike the more common MCM furniture labels, this sideboard would be an excellent addition to your home in a living room, entrance, bedroom, hallway etc The square type handles are beautifully placed and repeated throughout the front of the sideboard. Given the current circumstances this can be viewed via video, additional pictures and as well as free delivery within Australia

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Very good to excellent condition for its age from the 60s with some minor discoloration on the melamine on top and on the side. The melamine veneer cannot be sanded/oiled/waxed so any chips or marks have been filled and blended in as best as possible however the overall condition is remarkably well with an eight/ten rating -> ends on the back LHS and RHS had some chips that have been filled in, and there are NO major rips, scratches, holes or dents, consistent with age (refer to pictures on website that has closeup and more videos)

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Excellent, functionally no wobbles or warping in the wood, drawers open and close freely, this is a sturdy as she can get

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MCM Furniture

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5/5 Gem

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167cm length horizontal
68cm high vertical
46cm width (depth)

15kgs (approx)

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