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Rudowski set hire


Hiring Services for this item include:

Scope of works: (more information on each link)

1. one small Rudowski sideboard 

2. one matching Rudowski bar wall unit

3. One Rudowski door (this is currently going under restoration and will be completed on pickup) - dimensions (95 x 205 x 4)

4. One Dismantled chair (either Gertner) or a Rudowski (dismantled chair or put together). refer to pics for Rudowski chair - Dimensions (approx 80x80x80)

5. Optional: Rudowski slimline wall shelf, refer to pics for shelf - dimensions (150x23x26)

Time to deliver:

based on UniMelb timeline - estimated start of Oct


Refer to price at product page (items 1, 2 and 4 and 5 are free of charge), only item 2 is for hiring price

Additional items:

Marketing exposure:

Logo featured on ‘supporters’ lock up of in gallery didactic panels

Can include QR code linking to VL too, including on gallery brochures that people can take home ( + Instagram handle, website, any other details you prefer)

Business cards can be displayed in gallery as you like

Logo featured in marketing collateral i.e ACAHUCH website, MSD website, MSD events, comms from UoM accounts

@mentions in Instagram posts on MSDsocial, my Instagram, Alans Instagram, Glen Eira Council Gallery Instagram, and Facebook related to the exhibition linking to VL Instagram / Facebook / website

Hiring Terms & Conditions:

Refer to unimelb loan agreement - INWARD LOAN: LOAN SPECIFIC TERMS

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