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Rudowski window shroud glass feature wall cavity decorative window rare 1965

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Rudowski window shroud glass feature wall cavity decorative window 1965 rare
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Designed by Jakob Rudowski in Melbourne Australia circa 1965, A beautiful wall entry and partition unit made by Melbourne furniture artisan Jakob Rudowski. Rudowski, like Dario Zoureff and Rosando Furniture, is one of the mid-century modern makers of Melbourne as a "Tier 1" Australian maker his furniture rarely comes to market and is highly collectable. Many of his Melbourne clients were mid-century modernist architects and designers.

This is one of our Holy Grail products...a one off, bespoke and very rare item. It features a window frame (or can insert a mirror) and acts as a window looking out upon entrance in a room and most importantly the wow factor. Originally installed as a window shroud this means that it was installed inside a plaster cavity (think of a window and frame looking outside). If you want to make a statement in your house or room this is it. We believe its teak veneer, lovely wood design/intricate detail throughout and matches several other items we have from the same house and product set (refer to wall sets items)'s really something else.

We recommend viewing it in person in our showroom alternatively we can arrange a video phone call. This is a complex piece for installation, as such if you are in based in Victoria we will install for you however if you are interstate we can recommend qualified installers for this. We also highly recommend that you accurately measure the dimensions to ensure that it fits right in the room or feature wall. This furniture would be an excellent addition to any Collector’s living area.

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Cosmetic Condition:
The previous owners were fastidious and kept this in excellent condition, obviously from 1965 there is very minor signs of wear near the edging on the outside (where the window was installed and exposed to the plaster and the elements outside), however we have restored as best as possible with putty on the areas where there is missing veneer (if any), glueing (if required) and a good thorough clean (no need to sand and fully restored as such it underwent a light restoration).
Functional Condition:
Excellent, functionally no wobbles or warping in the wood, does not rock, no structural damage evident, the frame is sturdy as she can get. We would rate this out of 10 but alas a 10 means its new and showroom condition, however the frame is not warped and is solid. As per description this would need accurate installation via the exact measurements (or you can have it like we have against a wall sitting flush as an art piece or hanging from a wall via strong anchor points).
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MCM Furniture
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Wall Sets
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Rudowski (not confirmed but has all of his characteristics including bow tie handles and clientele)
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5/5 Gem

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31cm deep, 170cm wide, 131 cm high


Approx 50kgs


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