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SNES Original Street Fighter Boxed vintage rare working retro game PAL


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SNES Original Street Fighter Boxed vintage rare working retro game PAL

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A unique rare boxed original condition street fighter 2 SNES console. This is a fully functional working SNES console and comes with all original items including street figther 2 cartridge, SNES console, two controllers, power adapter cable, manuals, posters, user guides, Street fighter booklet, RCA (PS not SNES cable but its the same) and antenna output cables. We have tested this and works as expected and is in suprisingly cosmetically in excellent condition (refer to futher descriptions). A very sentimental product as we grew up in the 90s playing arcade games, we hope this goes to a good home.

Overall Condition:

Cosmetic Condition:
It originally came in very good condition, we have given the exterior and interior a good clean and has come up nicely. There are very few scratches on the console and on the controllers.

Functional Condition:
All features and functions, buttons, gaming controllers work as expected

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Audio & Visual

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4/5 Rare
Scale from 1 to 5 (numbers can occur in between)
1 = MANY available on the market very common, many listings and competition
3 = COMMON in between Many and Gems, there common in the market
5 = GEMS we see these maybe once every couple of years these are almost not available

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110mm × 40.5mm × 133mm (w × h × l)

Approx 5kgs (with box)
approx 1kg (console)

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