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Tessa T4 single armchair fred Lowen Kvadrat fabric

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Tessa T4 single armchair Fred Lowen 
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This beautiful Australian made chair, which won Australian design Awards in the 1970’s, is crafted from Teak veneer with solid Timber rails. Tessa T4, designed by Fred Lowen for Tessa Furniture, this model was released in the early 70s, features an appealing low profile, spacious seating, bent ply curved frame, netted hammock style sling and removable leather cushions you can expect a very comfortable and supportive seating experience it sits low and more of a comfortable hammock feeling. If you like a sinking chair but firm with a leather feel then this chair is for you. This is super comfy however you can also tighten the net to have a firmer/tighter sit. This lovely mid century modern armchair has gone through a light restoration (frame, full restoration for the fabric/cushions) including many hours and bled fingers to restore all cushions in Kvadrat drop 651 fabric. We believe the plywood is the blackwood version and features lovely curves, nylon netting, two armrests (which is the earlier version from 70s) and the classic curves that Tessa is renowned for.

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Frame/wood is an 8/10 there are minor marks/chips to the plywood which has been filled in to the closest colour as the brown teak colour (refer to pics and videos), using our home grown Danish oil
Cushions: 9/10: brand new genuine Kvadrat drop 651 fabric to match the cushions, the straps and armrests have also been upholstered, this took many days to upholster but we are so happy with the comfort, look and feel of the upholstery

Functional Condition:
Excellent, functionally no wobbles or warping in the wood. No cracks sturdy and strong, these are super comfy if you like a slight sinking feeling like a hammock, however you can also tighten the net to have a firmer sit
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MCM Furniture
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T4 Designed by Fred Lowen
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3/5 Common

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Chair: W76cm D91cm H88cm


-25kgs chair

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