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Vintage retro tub bar swivel chairs black vinyl MCM 1970s


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Vintage retro tub bar swivel chairs black vinyl MCM 1970s

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A set of four black vinyl swivel bar stools in original condition made in Melbourne in the 1970s by Pylo Steel furniture. We picked these up recently and have not been used in 50 years...there was some rust that we have cleaned up with the chrome handles and back are as good as new. There are minor white scuff marks but the seats and back rests (both front and back) have been untouched. We are pleasantly surprised that these have not been used and are in excellent condition. They are super comfy (cushion and vinyl in tact) and the swivel mechanism works a treat, note there is no mechanism to lift the seat up and down. The company themselves are not renown, currently operating and make some pretty ordinary replicas however these bar stools we love as its a piece of Australian and Melbournian history being 50 years old are of excellent quality and make

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Cosmetic Condition:

Although these chairs were never used and stored for 50 years there was some brown marks/rust that has been thoroughly cleaned and the chrome is as good as new (with some minor scruff marks and scratches because of the cleaning and agents we used). The vinyl front and back has been cleaned and polished up, with very minor white scruff marks on the back (refer to pics), but the front and seats are in excellent condition

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No bend in the handles, back rest bars, seats or feet. These are very sturdy and in does not wobble. However very heavy weight is not recommended to lean back on the back rests due to the structure and general build of the bar stools.

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MCM Furniture

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Pylo steel furniture

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Australia (Melbourne) 

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4/5 Rare (brand/label)

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1 = MANY available on the market very common, many listings and competition
3 = COMMON in between Many and Gems, they're common in the market
5 = GEMS we see these maybe once every couple of years these are almost not available

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H 100cm x W 60cm x D 50cm (approx)


approx 8kgs each

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